Great Day on the Mohawk River

Mohawk Walleye

Great Day on the Mohawk River – I took a canoe trip on the Mohawk River with guide John Wainwright of the White Dog Trail Company.  I initially called asking for a shuttle service, intending to fish the river alone, but John recommended using his services the first couple of times out.  How right he was!  The Mohawk is a big river.  John knew where the holes and slots were, which tail outs were more likely to hold feeding fish and what lures to throw of the conditions.  This particular day, fish were feeding pretty aggressively in the tail out and current seams but not very active in the shoreline rip rap.  We caught about 2 dozen smallmouths up to 18 inches, 3 walleye including an “eye popping” 9 pounder, 4 large fall fish and a small pike.  It was a great day on the water!

Accompanying me were my son, an experienced fisherman, and my nephew, new to fishing but eager.  I brought my canoe and Steven and Alec took turns fishing with John.  For the maximum fishing experience, bring just two people and hire John and his partner Jeff.  They do all of the work and you catch the fish!

During the 5 mile trip, we didn’t see another person, but we did see eagles, herons and hawks… and a lot of fish!  It was a memorable trip!

– Ron Missel, Buffalo, NY

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